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Succession is concerned with community development over time. Find out more in our general section on succession.

Species Information for saltmarshes and sand dunes.

Saltmarsh species

Armeria maritima  (Thrift)
Aster tripolium  (Sea aster)
Atriplex hastata  (Orache)
Atriplex (Halimione) portulacoides  (Sea purslane)
Bostrychia scorpioides  (Red alga
Cochlearia spp.  (Scurvy grass)
Festuca rubra  (Red fescue grass)
Glaux maritima  (Sea milkwort)
Limonium humile  (Sea lavender)
Plantago maritima  (Sea plantain)
Puccinellia maritima  (Saltmarsh grass)
Salicornia spp.  (Glasswort)
Spartina spp.  (Cord grass)
Spergularia spp. (Sea spurrey)
Suaeda maritima  (Seablite)

Sand dune species

Ammophila arenaria (Marram Grass)
Atriplex spp.   (Orache)
Cakile maritima  (Sea Rocket)
Calystegia soldanella  (Sea Bindweed)
Carex arenaria  (Sand Sedge)
Carex spp.  (Sedges)
Elytrigia juncea  (Sand Couch)
Eryngium maritimum (Sea Holly)
Euphorbia paralias  (Sea Spurge)
Euphorbia portlandica  (Portland Spurge)

Festuca rubra (Red Fescue Grass)

Honckenya peploides  (Sea sandwort)
Juncus articulatus  (Articulated Rush)
Ononis repens  (Restharrow)
Ranunculus flammula  ( Lesser Spearwort)
Salsola kali (Prickly Saltwort)
Tortula ruralis ssp ruraliformis  (Twisted Moss)

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