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The Seashore

Succession is concerned with community development over time. Find out more in our general section on succession.

Salt Marsh

Succession in a Salt Marsh


Our competing species compete away until we are left with an assemblage of victorious species. These will not be competing strongly with one another. They all occupy different niches.

At this stage we would not expect too many changes to occur. The height of the ground has increased to such an extent that it gets immersed much less frequently. The rate of height increase of the shore is reduced.

Few if any new species will be added to our community at this stage which may be called stabilisation.

Some species we might expect in this stabilising assemblage are Cochlearia officinalis (scurvy grass), Limonium humile (sea lavender) and Glaux maritima. Our community is now changing much more slowly and gradually will develop into the final stage of succession. You can read all about this by clicking the link.

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